Work in Progress

RGMM; Work in Progress This website is a work in progress but it is long overdue for an update; some of the cricketers I photographed for the old site have now been retired for a few years!

Film Free Projection

Film Free Projection LogoFilm Free Projection is widely used software for camera clubs or photographic groups to run their competitions. It supports all common photographic competitions that used to run using conventional slides and allows them to be run using a laptop computer and a digital projector.

Version 3.2 of FFP introduces several features to make the projectionist's life easier; for example, an extendable set of "Title Images" is now available that allow the projectionist to add a title image anywhere in the sequence. For the latest information, see the Film Free Projection Website.

Website Designs

Recent Website designs have been undertaken using HTML and CSS. Other projects have used ASP.NET and JavaScript. You can see some examples of websites I design and support on the Websites page.


A Frayed Knot

My photography is mixed between professional assignments and my personal projects. Have a look at the photography page for more.